::: Atlantida vol. 12 :::

1. Noahs Flood "At the Pillars of Melcart"
2. Helevorn "The Stars, The Moon and a Shadow"
3. Nemesis Aeterna "...And the Trip Begins"
4. Dead Emotions "Behind Black Stars Astray"
5. Berserk "Forgotten Kingdoms"
6. Hixi "Beyond the Trees"
7. Runic "The Search"
8. Valhalla "Tears of Mortality"
9. Forlorn in Silence "Trapped in Darkness"
10. Somber Serenity "Swallow the Sun"
11. Xerion "Medulio"
12. Bestia "Viirastus tõusvas tules"
13. Horrid "Immortal Passion"
14. Crimson "The Dream"
15. Mistweaver "The Night is My Guide"
16. Rhestus "Cancer"
17. Ered "Monarch of a Dying Kingdom"