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Demo 2001
"Music Extreme" (Argentina)

Bestia is a band from Estonia dedicated to black metal in its purest form. Raw guitars, screaming vocals, hyper fast tempos are some of the charachteristics of their music. Apart from this items, they use two things that are remarkable: riffs that are more rhythmics (as the one that starts "Igaveseks Koos" ) and lots of hyper fast guitar melodies. In fact some of the riffs would not be out of place in a heavy metal band. Another thing to remark is that when they use this slower riffs, they use extremely dark tonalities in order to enhance the atmosphere of the songs. The overall sound is pretty good but I think that this guys in a Studio can do much better. This CD is total blackness guaranteed (and it ends with an ambient/electronic track called "Esoteric Madness").

Favorite tracks: "Viirastus Töusvas Tules" and "Igaviku Laps".

"Aversionline" (USA)


Beginning with an introduction of windy sounds, this Estonian unit unleashes a melodic, yet very primal form of black metal. The high vocals are excellent, totally unrepentant and sneering with anger, but the lower, growling vocals are too bassy and disturb the sound of their attack. Tempos range from slow and pounding to exceedingly fast, and it's pretty diverse for the genre: Some of it is very traditional black metal, and some parts include uncommon power chord riffs or dual guitar harmonies. Nice changeups keep the writing from being boring and make the songs rather enjoyable. The production is off, though. The sound changes with each track, and while I don't mind the abrasive recording or the often distant drums, the main issues are the lack of bass and the thin/warm guitar tone. The guitars definitely sound as though they were recorded direct, giving them that harsh, yet ill-fitting bite. If the guitars were as cold and distant as the vocals or percussion, this would be excellent. On the other hand, the clean guitars sound perfect, in fact possibly too perfect for such raw black metal! Overall the sound works best in tracks like "Labi Halli Udu" and "Igaviku Laps", which have a bit more density. The last piece on the CD is a weird electronic composition with some gargled vocals and pitch shifted laughing - feeling a bit out of place. The visual presentation is wonderful, using consistent artwork and dark color schemes alongside crisp, effective text/imagery. This is an interesting demo from a potentially killer band. I would suggest nailing down an appropriate recording and sticking with the high, screaming vocals and whispers. If the entire demo had the same production as the latter two tracks (though not perfect) it would be excellent.

Running time - 20:05, Tracks: 6

[Notable tracks: Labi Halli Udu, Igaviku Laps]

"X-trim webzine" (Spain)


Good promo of this band from Estonia. Professional in the lay-out and sound. On musical aspect, they are oriented on a mix between swedish and norwegian black metal sounds, with dark arrangements.
The major influences I think can be noticed are Dethronement, Absu or Forest Of Impaled, with some trash/black touches. They have their melodic moments, but speed and fierce excels in all the work. Vocalist is so aggressive, using distorted and ripped voices.
I can´t comment lyrics, because are in their language, and, I can´t speak it yet!.
Bestia is a band to have in mind if you like good black metal, ´cause in a nearest future they´ll give a lot of tell about!

"Nekrologium" webzine (Sweden)


Bestia is an Estonian act with lyrics in their native tongue. Not being exactly fluent in the Estonian language, I can't really say what topics they deal with. The music is however in the Black Metal vein with a primitive touch. This touch being enhanced a bit further by the recording quality. This (the recording quality) is not bad but you can tell it's not exactly done in a professional studio. The end result is nothing that gets me overly excited, but there are definitely potential. I would drop the Estonian lyrics if there are any plans for an international career however.

"Metalglory" metal portal (Germany) - translated from German

8,5/10 - "The top reviews of the last days"

Soon there is no place on Earth where Heavy Metal hasn't taken its foothold. Some places are just more fertile. From the southern banks of the Gulf of Finland, from the beautiful capital of Estonia, we hear its screams. This is Bestia, and as their name says, their music is bestial.

Here we hear sick and shrill screams and traditional guitar, that with no difficulty has found it's place beside aggressive and fast rhythms. Harmony has been found between melody and benightedness. Aggressive beat meets with melody. This is aggressive (old school) Black Metal with elements from Death Metal. Comparison with older Absu is not out of place.

Songs on album "Demo 2001" are without exception in Estonian and they do sound damn good. Those who think about Estonia as a Soviet Union country and therefore about Russian language, are wrong. So are wrong those who think it's a dialect of Finnish, though they are closer to the truth. As Hungarian, Karelian and Finnish, Estonian belongs to the group of Finno-Ugric languages.

This album begins with a song about wind and other sounds of nature. This is before they go right down to business with the song "Viirastus tőusvas tules". Guitar and singing here do remind strongly (more recent) Exorial. After the song "Igaveseks koos" comes the highlight of this album. The ingenious and passionate "Läbi halli udu" (only devil himself knows what this is supposed to mean) creates a benighted and enchanting atmosphere. Fast, passionate, sick, rhythmical and gloomy are the words to describe it. With a song "Igaviku laps" the album comes to its dignifying end.

The quality of songs wavers. Remarkable--but not so good electro/darkwave/industrial experiment (which does not become this album) with "Esoteric Madness" is not convincing throughout and drags the general impression down. Usually this would be the cause for losing points, but the phenomenal "Läbi halli udu", the original use of Estonian and high quality cover art raises them again. This convincing and passionate demo album gets (after a little hesitation) 8.5 points.

"Krvestreb" webzine (Turkey)


BESTIA: Promo CD-01 B
It s not so usual to hear band from countries like Estonia.Bestia is a band playing Black/Death Metal from Estonia.
There are 6 cool tracks with on intro. There are some Viking Metal elements on these melodies. From cover to record everything is OK with Bestia. Listeners of this kind if you are looking for heaving an cool band from different scene. Here is Bestia.

Oak-Knoll productions (USA)


Here is a tasty morsel of slightly underproduced melodic thrashy black metal (no keys?). I have to say this is one of the BEST demo packaging jobs I have seen. It's on a CDr but the label and insert look professionally produced. To start off - there is a woodsy & nature feel to the intro. The 1st track has a melodic twin guitar sound, catchy rough riff, and raspy vox. Some of you might not like the production, but I think it feels good like a 20 grit sandpaper being rubbed again your face which can keep you awake on the long drives home :) The albums thrashy melodies are nice. It's raw thrashy black metal appeal does nice for you black metal fans who need a little raw taste now and then. Song 2: Igaveseks koos - wow .. I didn't know this cdr was already on CDDB! Nice intro.. More thrashy bm. I don't know about you .. I love evil foreign lyrics and thrashy black metal (well from time to time I do..). I think this is the cream of the crop for this underground genre. If I listened to this in my truck, I'd be driving 80+ and driving over people.. Hehe!! So the rest of the demo is like the other tracks.. (Igaviku Iaps has some cool reverb on the vox). But wait! The last song is great.. It's like gothicy eerie techno ambience with evil laughs. Very cool indeed! All hail Bestia!


Beowolf productions (USA)

Here we have the newest release from this Black/Death Metal act out of Estonia. Yep, I said Estonia! These guys play some great raw Black Metal music with elements of Death Metal all through out. I liked the way they mixed in influences of old school & new school Black Metal music. There is a strong darkness in their sound which I dug a lot! The vocals are done in a mid ranged throaty sounding Black Metal growl & scream. These guys are probably the only band I've heard out of Estonia, but if this is what they have to offer I want more!!!


The MetalList webzine (Ukraine)


This demo-record I've downloaded from the Internet. This is first demo by Estonian metal band Bestia, soon their debut album will be released. Full lenght is 20 minutes. I think, all metal fans will like Bestia's music. Guys play black/death metal with Estonian lyric. In their songs they don't sing about satan - main theme of black metal bands' lyric. They called it "horror" and "misanthropic". Vocal is something between growling and screaming. It's a pity, that I could not hear Intro. But other songs are some of the best, I've ever heared. Their music is brutal, but at the same time it's melodic, intresting and not monotone. And that's great, because I dont like dull brutal mincing. Very good is intro to song 'Igaveseks koos' (Forever together (in the grave)). It really creates dark night atmosphere. As I could guess, man digs grave of his loved, opens tomb's cover to be forever with she. Itself song is also great! Guitar and whispering in the end of composition are perfect. If to be honestly, that song falled into my soul and I think with 'Viirastus tousvas tules' it is the best on demo. This is Bestia's first work, so I could not compare it with their other works, except their Promo 2002 only song 'Need, kes toitsid kotkaid', played almoast in the same style. I hope debut album will be in the same stream!


Far Beyond Music webzine (Italy)

Questo di cui vi parlo č un demo che da tanto mi era stato pubblicizzato con un flyer apposito, ma che solo ora sono riuscito ad ordinare. La curiositŕ di questo gruppo estone č la loro versatilitŕ nel suonare un genere, che tutto potrebbe dare ad intendere fuorché una propensione per l’originalitŕ. Si parte dopo intros vari per ogni brano, con canzoni come Viirastus Tňusvas Tules o Igaveseks Koos cge sviluppa una struttura, la quale li rende parecchio veloci, verso la fine per il primo, e che invece porta a riff thrash basilari il secondo. La voce di Koll si presta anche a modulare parti sussurrate o pulite, ma il modo in cui egli canta per la maggior parte del demo č senz’altro uno screaming inferocito ed infestato.
Patterns di chitarra non fanno individuare, nella miscela di generi impastati l’uno con l’altro, una linea attitudinale fine; tanto č che ora i Bestia si lanciano su tempi hyper-fast, ora su fraseggi di pacato heavy metal e spesso non disdegnano mid-tempos thrash/black di stampo ottantiano. Molto interessanti dunque, da farci sperare in qualche loro nuova uscita! Volly, siamo qui che aspettiamo!

Recensito da : Impaler

Scissors - Ultimate Metal E-Zine

Ovaj bend pod imenom Bestia nam dolazi iz mračnih krajeva Estonije, bivše države SSSR-a i donosi mračni i hladni, sirovi, ali i melodični thrash/black/death metal. Teško ih je razvrstati u neki poseban pravac, jer imaju dosta elemenata od svakog pomenutog. Oformljeni 2000. godine, momci iz Bestia-e su proveli cijelu godinu svirajući uživo, nakon čega su odlučili srediti postojeći repertoar i snimiti nešto u studiju. To se i desilo 31. maja 2001. godine njihov prvi demo, nazvan jednostavno "Demo 2001", je bio snimljen. Reakcije slušalaca su bile pozitivne i bend je dospio na Top5 na estonskom metal radiju. Iako nije toliko brojna sa bendovima, ova država pokazuje da ipak ima nekoliko solidnih bendova. Bestia spada u neku srednju klasu bendova, onih koji su pokazali da mogu da kreiraju dobru muziku i od kojih će se još čuti u budućnosti. Produkcija ovog demo snimka je skoro na minimalnom nivou, kao i kod većine black metal bendova, što će odbiti širi krug fanova i označiti ovaj album za vrlo usku publiku. Ako volite starije radove Absu-a, Mayhem-a, pa i Darkthrone-a, moći ćete da nađete nešto zanimljivo u ovom bendu. Ne vjerujem da će vas nešto oduševiti, ponuditi nešto novo, ali mogli bi ste da potražite ovaj demo snimak, jer ipak u sebi nosi nekoliko zrna zrele svirke, optimizma, dobre atmosfere, što na kraju naginje na ne tako jaku, ali ipak pozitivnu ocjenu. Gitare su čas brze, prave blackerske (u kombinaciji sa kečinama i propelerima na bubnjevima), nekad sporije u starom thrash/black fazonu, a nekad sa brzim i brutalnim/melodičnim death metal rifovima (samo poslušajte uvodnu "Viirastus tőusvas tules" - objašnjenje za sve ove promjene u muzici). Dinamika je na nivou i neće vas smoriti sa minimalnim promjenama instrumentalnih dionica, karakterističnih za black metal. Klavijatura nema, mada su se mogli potruditi da ih ukomponuju, jer bi popunili praznine u zvuku koje su više nego očigledne. "Igaveseks koos" je dobra death pržana sa mističnim introm (zvukovi kopanja lopatom u šumi i ambijenta), "Läbi halli udu" mješa black i death metal, a zatvarajuća "Igaviku laps" je melodični thrash/black metal, sa paklenim vriskovima i melodičnim i hladnim gitarama. Vokal je skroz paklen, a još pjeva na 'domaćem' jeziku, što otežava razumjevanje textova (da pjeva i na engleskom, čisto sumnjam da bi nešto uspio pohvatati). Vrlo mračno, vrlo hladno, pa ko može izdržati sve one zamjerke, a može da uživa u opisanom, neka proba da čuje koju njihovu stvar (pogledajte MP3 Download sekciju).

(Boris Todorović) Ocjena: 6-

Christcrusher Productions (England)

I admit that the only reason i really bought this cd at first was because this band was from Estonia, and i have never been disappointed with any Estonian metal acts. once again i was pleased when these demo CD-rs reached me and the music sounded a melodic thrashy black metal of sorts with old school touches here and there.

Darkness zine

Bestia "Demo 2001": Vaya sorpresa la que me di al recibir este demo Cd ya que esta banda proviene de Estonia, los cuales en este demo 2001 nos presentan 5 temas mas intro de lo que sería un Death Black Metal, algo melódico por momentos, pero protervo y oscuro, aunque algo primitivo. Esta producción tiene un sonido y presentación más que aceptable; en resumen es un Demo recomendable que los que gustan de bandas como Hellhammer o Darkthrone o bandas con sonido antiguo.

Shouts of Metal

Esta banda llamada Bestia cuyo estilo es una fusi.n de black/death y les puedo decir que lo hacen de una buena manera, no es algo extraordinario pero las melodías no son malas, mezclan la velocidad de las guitarras con la voz que es única, los riffs me recuerda a las bandas originales del Black Metal. La producci.n es buena a pesar que es un demo. Presten mucha atenci.n a esta banda de Estonia. Para mayor info.