::: Estonian Metal Compilatin 2004 - The Beast Released :::

Metal music has been made in Estonia since the time metal was there. We have had our own little Purple, Zep and Sabbath clones, our own Priests; Maidens and Metallicas. In the 80s, no other former USSR country was more up to date in metal underground than Estonia, and the local scene reflected much of it. Still, the delay was there, and when the infamous curtain finally came down, a majority of the Estonian UG forefront was still about a year or two behind trend-wise. There was just no chance to break through to the Western audiences, since there was no established link to the Western underground, no connections. This is another attempt to attract your attention.

On this compilation you will encounter heavy, thrash, death, doom and prog metal. You will hear some wonderful fuzz rock as well as black, extreme and pagan folk metal. Most probably you will love some of the bands featured. Visit their websites for more information. This is a CD-R disk. Some of the data is susceptible to corruption. If the disk does not comply with your audio equipment, refer to the compilation website www.metal.ee/estpromo2004

Mart Kalvet, Tallinn 2004

Mastered by Sven "Aksel" Varkel @ Guano Studio (Tallinn)


1. HERALD "My Judgement Cometh"
2. MUST MISSA "Patuoinas" ("The Scapegoat")
3. ECHOSILENCE "Utopian Reality"
4. SYMBOLIC STATE "Close To the Rays"
5. MANATARK "The Serpent's Tongue"
6. CONNECT[&]CUT "Lies Around Me"
7. LOITS "Tuleristsed" ("Baptism By Fire")
9. KANTOR VOY "Past the Doorstep"
10. METSATÍLL "Hundi loomine" ("Creation Of the Wolf")
11. BESTIA "Hallutsinatsioon" ("Hallucination")
12. EAST TRADING WANG "Marketized"
13. HORRICANE "Coup De Grace"
14. THARAPHITA "Metsades, soodes ja rabades" ("In Forests, Swamps And Bogs")
15. RECYCLE BIN "Fucking Hardcore Software Developer"
16. MEINARDUS "Cristendom's Perdition"
17. WHISPERING FOREST "Gothic Scripts And Keltic Runes"
18. LOOM "U-Turn"

Web: http://www.metal.ee/estpromo2004