"Fatal Forum" #1 (Russia)

1). Tell me your own story of the band.

Bestia is quite new band, so we dont have very long story to tell. It was created in february of 2000 by me and Andres at first as side project. When few songs were ready we asked Tarmo to join us as singer. Soon we found bassplayer Reivo and with this lineup we did our first live in november. In january we recruited Tengo to lead-guitar and Koll to singer position. After that change we played 11 gigs last year and also recorded our first "official" demo. Listeners of Metallion radioshow voted it to the place nr 5 in Estonian metal chart. To be continued...

2). Your debut demo was self-released in 2001. Are you satisfied with it?

It was recorded in a pretty difficult conditions and with simple equipment, but we are quite satisfied with the result. Possible that we will re-record some tracks from demo for debut album. 3 or 4 radioshows played our songs already and most reviews were quite good.. just great!

3). The lyrics on demo in your mother language. Why? And about what kind of stuff are your lyrics?

We think that our songs sound better in our native tongue. At the moment we dont have plans to change language. Lyrics are quite evil and depressive, they talk about things like suicide, necrophilia, hate etc.

4). What does the wolves mean on the cover?

Bestia means 'the beast'. Wolves are my favourite beasts and I think this cover image fits well to the demo atmosphere.

5). I know that your split-MC with INFESTUM through CDM Records got delayed. What exactly happened?

Actually I was in contact only with Alex from More Hate and he forwarded my stuff to CDM Records. I've heard that they have some kind of problems and probably there will be no future releases, but thats all I know... hope that situation will be better soon..

6). How's the line-up these days, and are you satisfied with each other?

We are pretty critical to each other sometimes. At the moment I'm answering this interview, we dont have drummer and second guitar player. We didnt rehearsed for 3 months and by this time they cut off their hair and declared now, that they dont want to play black metal anymore. F*ck! I'm pretty angry at this kind of behavior and waste of time. We could possibly found a new lineup during these 3 months, but now I'm only start searching.

7). Do you get the chance to play a lot of gigs in Estonia or even outside Estonia? What's the best gig you've done?

We played 11 gigs last year, all of them in the various places Estonia. I think that the best show was when we supported Let Me Dream (FIN). Hope in future we'll have chance to play in other countries too.

8). Your bonus track, "Esoteric Madness", full of electronic samples+ What does that mean?

This is just a experimental stuff.. I composed it once in very bad mood. Demo was pretty short, so after some consideration we decided to add this track too, as bonus. Some people have even told me, that this is the best track on the demo, haha!

9). Flyers are very important to promote yourself in the worldwide underground. How much flyers do you spread?

I add some flyers almost to every promo package.. no idea how many of them are already spread.

10). What kind of things, bands, experiences influenced BESTIA today?

We all listen to different bands, but I dont think that any of them influences us directly, but personal life- yes. For example Koll writes new texts only then, when he is in deep depression.

11). Do you get a lot of mail and orders?

I get a lot of e-mails every day. The main reason is because I'm doing trades with different distributors over the world, but also zines ask for promo stuff. Some people order demo directly from us, but 99% of stuff is spread through distributors.

12). What's your opinion on the metal scene in Estonia?

I think that the situation is better than ever. Concerts take place every month and we have various bands and projects here. All information about bands and sound samples are available on the internet.

13). You're not the only BESTIA. There's one in the Russia and I guess there's one in Finland too. Don't you think it's a bit confusing?

Really? I've heard, that band with name Bestia is in France but I havent seen any information approving that. About Russian and Finnish Bestia I hear first time..
Cool, lets make more bands with that name and release a compilation, haha!

14). Are you deep into satanism, occultism or paganism?

These topics are not unknown to me. I'm antichristian for many years but I dont believe in Satan or possibility of practical magic.

15). Is your band easy to combine with your other activities? What do you do for a living? Other band members?

I work with computers, kind of technical support and also try to finish my university studies. Bassplayer Reivo is in the same university and works for company what build roads. Singer Koll is studying to be blacksmith. It's quite difficult to do all these things and find free time for band activities.

16). Do you have any fave horror movies or writers?

Well.. the most of the horror movies are quite silly to my opinion. I've seen some underground brutal horror movies and I like more this kind of stuff. I dont have fave writers in this genre..

17). What you know about the Russian metal scene? Do you have a contact with our bands, labels or zines?

Well.. I visit sometimes websites of Russian bands and metal portals, this is the only source of information I have.
I've been in contact with 3 bands: Merlin, Tvangeste and Grimness. I have some recordings of Ashen Light, Butterfly Temple, Satarial, Temnozor', Korrozia Metalla, Rakoth + more. Only label contacts are CDM records and More Hate prod. so far. I dont have contacts with Russian zines yet, you are the first.

18). Tell me something about the BESTIA debut full-lenght album. When and were will it be released?

At first we planned to record it this summer, but now I cant tell you, because of this shit happened with lineup. Anyway I hope it'll be ready to the end of this year.

19). Any future plans?

I hope to complete new lineup as soon as possible. Then we will record our debut album and play gigs again. We are also looking for all kind of fair cooperation with labels, zines and traders.

Answered by Andres, 4. april 2002.