::: Kilkim Zaibu :::

It’s unwritten manifest for those who observe, support, participate, it’s a tribute based on the cherished traditions and ten-year experience for the most faithful ::KILKIM ÞAIBU:: visitors of the festival, who are not indifferent to the Baltic stage inspired by the ancestors, distinguished by ancient culture and combative grimness.

In the course of time attentively observing the changing tendencies of the stage, we have been trying to follow the chosen route by restoring to life the war spirit by tinkly arms in the background of blazing anthems, by remembering traditional folklore of our grandfathers, by getting together the most heathen bands of heavy music. So we are drinking a toast of beer to the ancient warfare clubs, folklore and extreme music bands to show our respect to all those who have gathered in Semigallia land. Nothing is forgotten, everyone is remembered!

VILKI – Ko Domaji Tu, Kunzini
SKYFORGER – Uz Ziemelkrastu
LOITS – Aeg Ärgata
ARGHARUS – Niekðas
METSATÖLL – Sutekskäija
OBTEST – Griausmavaldys
BESTIA – Arg Sõdalane
NAHASH – Marche Funebre
ANDAJA – Ateis Laikas
MOONSORROW – Köyliönjärven jäällä (Pakanavedet II)
MERESSIN – Paþadink Þveri
URT – Vabadus Ja Saatuserajad
ZPOAN VTENZ – Jos Brolis In Kareli

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