::: Extreme DVD Zone Volumen 2 :::

HELEVORN (ESP) - From our glorious days
CHAOS SYNOPSIS (BRA) - Sarcastic Devotion
NECROVILE (RUM) - Rampage in the crematorium
NUCLEAR (CHI) - Criminal solicitation
MINCING FURY (CHE) - Break me down (Live)
MINCING FURY (CHE) - Drunken curby (Live)
SADISTIC GRIMNESS (SUE) - Razormania (Live)
NETRA (FRA) - La page
DENIAL (ESP) - Aurpegi gabeko ahotsat
D.HATE (UCR) - Ghost (live)
CYDIA (RUS) Evil Sun
NEURONIA (POL) - Slipping into oblivion
GRUNT (POR) - Goth girls don't say no
NEURONIA (POL) - Put your dukes up
XERIÓN (ESP) - Mortae na iagua
INFECTED DISARRAY (UK) - Prenatal excavation...
DESECRATION (ESP) - Face your fear (live)
FLYING (UCR) - Non existent world (live)
FLYING (UCR) - The moment of creation (live)
KEVLAR SKIN (ESP) - Prayers of lies
DEMONICAL (SUE) - ravenous
HORRORSCOPE (POL) - Medication time
BESTIA (EST) - Silmis härmatis
URT (EST) - Ex mortuis
NOCTEM (ESP) - The arrival of false gods
L'ENDEVI (ESP) - Samsara
FOREST OF DOOM (MEX) - Darkness (live)
ERESHKIGAL (MEX) - The dance of the pagan flames (live)
CRYSALIS (ITA) - The awakening of Gaia
THE CONFLITTO (ITA) - Disinformatjia

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