::: Õiglaste tulek :::

1. Arg sõdalane (The Cowardly Warrior) [mp3]
2. Õiglaste tulek (Coming of the Righteous) [mp3]
3. Mootorsae hääl (The Voice of Chainsaw)

Length: 10 minutes
Quantity: 200 handnumbered copies

Label: Hexenreich Records (Estonia)

Recording information:

This release includes two brand new songs by Bestia: epic "Arg sõdalane" and more brutal "Õiglaste tulek". In addition you will hear bonus track called "Mootorsae hääl" with real chainsaw sounds! Feel the heathen wrath in every second! Strictly limited to 200 hand numbered copies.

+ bigger version of cover


Tarmo - vocal
Andres - guitar
Reivo - bass
Pavel - guitar, clean vocal
Timukas - percussion

::: Lyrics (translated) :::

(music: Andres, lyrics: Pyhak)

Had i gone to the halls of war
had i slain bastards
let the hatchet swirl
clanged the heavy shield

Crushed the bastard's skull
wrenched hands to lose their swords
pierced holes into bodies
chopped off lumps of meat

Headed home upside-down
on the edge in a white coat
resting proudly on the carriage
not bearing the bitter pain of victory

So that women would not scold
children have their laugh
stand the men mocking
feel ashamed

Immerse yourself in the brook
drown in the flowing water
lie there on the putrid shores
left for ravens to peck