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Õiglaste tulek
Metal Fanatix (USA)


Estonian Pagan Black Metal band Bestia have been blasting music in their capital city of Tallinn since the spring of 2000. In that time they have had a handful of releases and contributed to several compilations. The “Õiglaste Tulek" demo is their latest installment. On this disc you will find three tracks and a tad over nine minutes of raw black metal/death metal in the pagan vein. Most of this has a good tempo and is filled with classic black and death riffs. Some of these ominous guitar riffs are awesome, but if the band could tighten up a few loose parts it would help solidify their music. A few elements didn’t mesh quite right, which made those parts a little awkward. Basically some riffs choices were too much in contrast with their adjoining parts. Not all the time, but a few times it got my attention. However the vocal variation between the screaming black vox and a few guttural death growls was nice. Elements from bands like Burzum, Immortal, Enslaved, Absu, and maybe a little Morbid Angel are all through this CD. “Õiglaste Tulek” is a little unpolished; don’t expect Dimmu Borgir crystal clear black metal. Think of those aforementioned with a little raw edge. So, If you like your black/death metal a little on the raw side then this is for you.

Author: Jeffrey D. Atkins
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Apollyon webzine (Ukraine)

In the homeland, Estonia, this Pagan Black Metal collective has enough stable popularity. However it's a pity that it couldn't help somehow with the serious contract and qualitative record yet. It's very a pity! "Oiglaste Tulek" actually isn't a mini-album, it's just promo record of the newest three songs, made in almost rehearsal conditions and released on a label of their guitarist Hexenreich Records. So, the record quality we shall let alone, since it leaves much to be desired. We shall talk about music. And I liked the music! Classical Death-Black Metal with pagan "soul" and, as a whole, more "black feeling", than all rest. The material interesting, not fast and has reminded to me some from very early ENSLAVED and BURZUM. Plus growling vocals on addition. To put it briefly, it's better to wait a full-length, more mature album, and there will be already possible to make final conclusions in occasion of quality and music of the band. This promo is limited to 200 copies.

Author: Alex Clotovsky
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Unchained Magazine (Serbia)

From the interview you can see how was Bestia described so I don’t think that we should spend our time describing genre. Three songs are on this demo and I must say that this is not material for everyone. Bestia has very hard riff especial in song from which demo has the name. Production is great and guitar arrangements are done pretty nicely. Growl vocals fit the dark atmosphere. There are pretty nice acoustic moments and clean vocals. I can say that music is innovate and the band has it’s own sound very hard sound and this demo has to be listened at least several time before you can judge it. Anyways nice peace of work has come from Estonia.

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Pull the Chain (Belgium)

"Hallutsinatsioon" + "Õiglaste tulek" reviews

I’ll always have a spot for Estonian bands with some excellent acts arriving on the scene in recent years (Must Missa, Loits, Human Ground, Metsatöll or Tharaphita for instance). Bestia are no newcomers in the underground Estonian scene and this is something you can guess at the listen of those releases. The major step for the group with the release of «Hallutsinatsioon» is that it was being re-released and thus distributed internationally (with another artwork) by Perverted Taste Records. The catchy opening song «Hallutsinatsioon» sets the tone for the album. Melodic yet aggressive guitar orientated death black metal, hypnotic riffs and some nice (Varg Vikernes influenced) black metal howling. Bestia play this style of death black hybrid with the needed smattering of their Nordic background to make it very interesting. I feel quite surprised that this very good little album didn’t gain them more recognition and strangely the band was forced to self release (on the label of one of the band’s member) another very exciting three songs promo. At times there is even a epic / Viking feel to the melody lines and everything recorded here attest this bunch of talented musicians / song-writers have a great ear to combine death and black metal with enough character of its own to drag it out for the thousands of bands playing this style of music. Great.

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Metalrulez (Poland)


Estońska Bestia straszy w podziemiu już ponad osiem lat. W tym czasie udało im się wydać aż pięć płyt (z czego większość stanowią jednak dema trwające poniżej 10 minut). Ich najnowszy materiał zawiera trzy utwory i trwa zaledwie dziewięć minut. Małą ilość muzyki rekompensuje jednak w jakimś stopniu oprawa graficzna tego materiału, która stoi na naprawdę wysokim poziomie i jest solidnie wykonana. Jeśli chodzi o rzecz najważniejszą, czyli o muzykę to mamy tu raczej tradycyjny black metal o lekko pogańskim zabarwieniu. Jak to zwykle w tego typu produkcjach bywa zdarzają się momenty wolniejsze, bardziej nastrojowe i szybsze, poparte blastem. Co ciekawe, od czasu do czasu pojawiają się riffy zbliżające się niebezpiecznie do standardów death metalowego łojenia zza Wielkiej Wody. Powoduje to, że materiał ten staje się bardziej różnorodny i przyswajalny dla większego grona słuchaczy. Produkcja „?iglaste Tulek” niczym specjalnym się nie wyróżnia, jest raczej surowa i prosta, typowa dla tego typu wydawnictw. Ostatni utwór na płycie, bonusowy „Mootorsae hääl (The Voice Of Chainsaw)” rozpoczyna się dźwiękami tytułowej piły łańcuchowej, której to motyw powraca jeszcze kilkukrotnie w tym kawałku. I nie byłoby w tym nic dziwnego (ten patent był już używany wielokrotnie) gdyby nie fakt, iż piła ta jakoś niespecjalnie pasuje mi do wizerunku zespołu, który biega po lesie w strojach swoich pradawnych przodków. Taki mały zgrzyt stylistyczny, ale jednak zauważalny…

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