::: Promo 2002:::

1. Need, kes toitsid kotkaid

Length: 6:09

Note: recorded in August 2002, after big changes in lineup. At first we had plans to make a mini-cd with 3 songs, but after huge delay with the recording of vocals for the remaining 2 songs, we decided to release it in this format.

+ bigger version of cover


Koll - vocals
Andres - guitars
Reivo - bass
Rainer - drums

::: Lyrics (translated) :::


in the time of reign of steel
lived a mighty viking breed

occured some routes
with no return
bones left to bleach
in foreign soil

men behind oars
who was in the way was slain
(the enemy never sleeps)
swords in hands all bloodstained
we're feeding the eagles

before you die
before you leave for
feed the eagles!

feeding the eagles with the enemies' blood

as was done before us
when the routes were free

waves washing afore the ship
land visible all across the water
landfall - we take our shields
we take our swords
this is the beginning of
yet another saga