::: Suremise teine tee (promo 2003) :::

1. Suremise teine tee - (mp3)
2. Libahunt
3. Viirastus tõusvas tules

Length: 8:18

Note: very limited promo cd-r. All 3 tracks taken from our upcoming debut album. Recorded during autumn 2003.

+ bigger version of cover


1. Suremise teine tee = An alternate way of dying
2. Libahunt = The Werewolf
3. Viirastus tõusvas tules = Phantom in the Rising Fire


Tarmo - vocals
Andres - guitars
Reivo - bass
Art - synth
Rainer - drums

::: Lyrics (translated) :::


the sky in on fire again
as darkness shrouds the land
as of silver everything gleams
when I spread my wings and leave

never forget remembering
[above your left shoulder]
never forget dying
[above your left shoulder]

to live here and breathe the air
to honour danger and feel fear
for there's no end as there's no beginning
there's only this minute here and now

never forget remembering
[ above your left shoulder ]
never forget dying
[ above your left shoulder ]


as the moon became our desire
from the heart that blinded
the dark grew into a well
made for frenzy to inspire

disrupting the lethargic beingness
I find myself at zero
ripping at truths, killins senses
I do recede from strains

as the shadows rise
souls of pure are dreaming
the moon evoking bloodfog
the lust gripping the mind

enraged we're feeding on feelings
serving the eternal hunger
releasing once more the urges
that forever will remain

thrusting fangs into the flesh -
we still have time
drowning in bloodlust
we're leading the moonwrath


as fire roared in the darkened sky
casted shadows into the impenetrable blackness
scattered the tomb-like silence
as beneath ashes feud began flaring

painful words from soring torment
bloodstained spirits from gory water
malignant hatred from malicious flesh
the Hellborn spawned to the heavens

neither satan nor god but death
the bearer on the dyers' crown
thrusts light into obscurity
throwing spikes from the celestials' throne

empty words from hollow life
flames once flaring die away
senseless wrath from morbid flesh
sent to earth from heavenly skies

below a cold stone from frigid sleep
arise they who are foreign to light
eyes reflecting the darkest dark
everything vanishes
like a phantom in the rising fire