::: Ronkade parved :::

1. Ronkade parved - [Raven Flocks] - (mp3)
2. F.S. - (mp3)
3. Mälestus kustutab leegi - [Rememberance Extinguishes the Flame] - (mp3)
4. Verine koidik - [Bloody Sunrise]
5. Silmis härmatis - [Frost in the Eyes]
6. Taeva tõurastaja - [The Slaughterer of Heavens]
7. Arg sõdalane - [The Cowardly Warrior]
8. Tasumise päev - [Day of Revenge]
9. Õiglaste tulek - [Coming of the Righteous]
10. Viimne lahing - [The Last Battle]

11. Arg sõdalane - [The Cowardly Warrior]
12. Õiglaste tulek - [Coming of the Righteous]
13. Mootorsae hääl - [Voice of the Chainsaw] (bonus)

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Length: 52 minutes
Label: Roots Active Productions (Thailand), 02.11.2009.

Info: Comes in proprinted cd-r format, limited to 66 handnumbered copies.
Album contains 10 tracks, 7 of them are brand new and 3 have appeared on previous releases, but got totally re-arranged. In the end of disc you'll find EP "Õiglaste tulek" from 2006.

Drums for this release were recorded on last days of 2007 with assistance of Riho "Sorts" Kiiber in distant Naruski village. Other instruments and voices were recorded on different sessions and locations in Tallinn during 2008. Mastered by Asko-Rome Altsoo in December 2008/January 2009.

All music by Bestia. Sax part arranged by Janno, viola part arranged by Grete. Lyrics by Kaitti, Andres and Pyhak. Cover drawing by Erkki Roosileht, raven picture by Siiri, drawing by V.Arckharum, layout and manipulations by Andres.

+ bigger version of cover
+ picture of real disc


Andres - guitar, vocals, synth
Reivo - bass, vocals
Kaval Ants - guitar, vocals
V. Arckharum - main vocals
Rain - drums (*), vocals

Thonolan - drums
Siiri - flute
Janno - sax
Grete - viola

Raven Flocks

Why the fathomless night sky ails my senses
Why the glimmer of stars digs my soul
Why the heart is troubled by fear even more -
Are we ever cared for amidst this endless doom?

As the Moon is bitten by pristine woods
With circling raven flocks above
Seeking shelter on my way through the trees
And going berserk amidst my hoarse-voiced screams

Then feeling seduced by the nocturnal air -
"Come with me, to help you my only aim"
A remembrance still grips its hold, it says
"Summon strength from bygone years"

Drained by ways gone astray I sink to lay
And finally deem my wander futile
Forsaking all to abandon to the night sky
I drift along among the raven flocks.


deceit has become the rule
lies have formed the bible
unless this is what you believe
their fury you shall receive

fake gold and glimmer
decoying the masses
you are given the option
to bleat along in silence

somewhere deep in a dark bed
water flows
the fountain of knowledge still remains
to the Chosen ones to taste

Rememberance Extinguishes the Flame

with blooming nights and flames subsided
the final barriers conquered by servility
no more flames beneath the ashes to see
even in sunlight the day dim seems to be

the howling cries of wolves pass with the wind
somberly flowing to the autumn night fog
a raven spreads its wings as darkness falls
and snowdrifts laying in human souls too

when a faded remembrance quenches the flame
it leaves a bleary stain that goes away
emptiness scattered inside, shadows floating around
and sightless frenzy guiding these souls

Frost in the Eyes

frost-eyed, soulchambers falter in the storm
destroying life in every shape and form

during nocturnal hours a distant light dear I hold
tenderly proclaiming the beginning of times
at a troubled moment a spark is set ablaze
devouring all meaningless waste from this world

the meek germ of madness withers in the heat
crushing the last link of deceit
engrave inside the soul the self-defined fate
for the forthcoming next act to await

frost-eyed, soulchambers falter in the storm
destroying life in every shape and form

The Slaughterer of Heavens

on wings crushed from emotionstorms
you reach the door in bloodfog
on wings carried by despair
on a cloud blind from bane you oar

wrath is guiding your frenzy
you know the distress of being betrayed
flesh torn from lips in rage
a familiar will leading your way

light no longer do i trust
let the abyss swallow all that exists
for reward i demand the beginning of times
when darkness was brought to life

now open, heavenly gate
my robe shall veil the sun
your shiny kingdom into ashes
to hell by my gaze you shall descend
no use holding me down
fury has fed on ashes far too long
cry out for angels with blood in your mouth
madness has struck too deep

I shall cloud the flame of light
crush the pillars and butcher heaven
flashes storming, then subsiding
darkness shall redeem my toil

The Last Battle

you're standing at a crossroad
with both directions leading nowhere
sensing the distant doom
lurking everywhere before you

in the flickering woods afar
rigorous men have found their end
every trail bathed in blood
cries of wolves disrupting the night

steal is slashed in the raging battle
and deathcries sound again
will you fight another fight?
or touch the mud with your face?
it is the final battle
where mercy has no bearing
it is the final battle
when you're trapped into a corner