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Metalstorm.ee (Eesti)


Right now i'm holding in my hands the brand new soon-to-be-released album of the estonian black/death metal band Bestia. Its name "Hallutsinatsioon" (Hallucination) is written on the cover using an unusually calm font for a black metal release. But don't be fooled by it's appearance. Inside you will find the fruits of work by skilled musicians. Eleven songs sum up to a total of 36 minutes of varying and quality extreme metal.

The album as a whole, is perhaps a bit uneven in the respect that not all the songs follow the same plot. The declination isn't too big, but it's there. However it poses no threat to the albums quality. In fact, i was rather intrigued by the small sidejumps in the style.

Now coming to the technical side, i must say the album managed to deliver me great joy. It offers me the black metal i like. It has the cold nordic breeze, speed, enough melodies and anger. The opening riffs in the first song at first appeared a bit soft and i feared that the rest of the album will be mid-tempo variation poor black metal as well. I had recently experienced such a letdown and i didn't want to be disappointed again. Fortunately, some seconds after the beginning the doors to the true essence of the album opened. Who can derive pleasure from arctic ancient nature understands the elevated state of mind and the ravishment i was in. The second song somehow appeared to contain elements of Nightwish. That does not mean that it was soft, it still followed the style of the opening track, only adding a bit more sentimentality.

When vocals can sometimes be a big flop, then in Bestia's case i must give credit to the singer who handles the black metal vocals extremely well and also has an interesting death metal growl. And that's just what you'll get in the third track "Libahunt" (Werewolf). Abandoning the romantic/longing yet crispy path, the album suddenly turns evil for two and a half minutes. That's an example of the unevenness of "Hallutsinatsioon". But fits in just nicely. Weird whisper like growling, blasting percussions and rough riffs definately got me up and moshing as the spell-like story of the werewolf unfolded in all it's unholiness and fury. The next three tracks all have fast, melodic and melancholic tunes. The sad moods make their presence felt. And to the brutal side again, "Kolmas haud vasakult" (The third grave from the left) catches a few thrash metal elements and speeds on wrecklessly. I really enjoyed the machine like crushing guitars on this one.

Two instrumental tracks can also be found on "Hallutsinatsioon". I always like a good keyboard instrumental and when it turns out well it becomes an important part of the album. One of them, the "Asynchronous laughter" is a short drum'n'bass kind of ending for the last song, the other one is "Ruunide Leidmine" (Finding of the runes). The latter, taking under consideration the folk elements of the album, has a more significant role to play. The dark feeling it creates with it's calm but somewhat disturbing sounds is frightening. The short drum parts however could have been either left out or extended as they might interfere with the athmospheric aspirations of the track. On the other hand they add to the shaman feeling of the song, strengthening it's folk appearance.

I like to think of "Ruunide Leidmine" as the conclusive track of the main course of the album because the last song differs from the rest of the album a lot. I was pleasantly surprised when i noticed that the song "Suremise teine tee" (Alternate way of dying) had been included on "Hallutsinatsioon". It has been previously released on the 2003 promo CD, and i was quite attached to it. The song is pure death metal, with a single goal: to destroy the neck muscles for good. It's the kind of song that gets the crowd going at concerts. Looking back towards the beginning of "Hallutsinatsioon" you can see the contrast, but as said above, it really doesn't matter.

Zoom out into the big picture again. "Hallutsinatsioon" is a strange, yet fascinating mixture of raw and cold nordic black metal and some good death metal. The whole album has to some extent folk influences. The songs aiming to awaken feelings in the listener fulfill their objective and the ones meant to crush - well they do just that, and with great success. Got to give credit for the great composition and creativity as well. I could probably go on and on but i guess i'll just leave the seed of curiosity in the reader and strongly recommend to get this album as soon as possible.

Autor: Destroyah
+ http://www.metalstorm.ee

Themetallist.com (Ukraina)


Right from the start Estonian band BESTIA didn't tend to release a lot of material. From year to year new demos and promos appeared. They, as a matter of fact, contained the same songs but the sound quality and skills became better and better each time. Finally, the time came when all the songs, planned to be a part of the debut album, were shaped and the musicians could play them with closed eyes. This is where "Hallutsinatioon" appears. BESTIA plays good black/death metal. Riffs, characteristic to both styles of extreme music, are twisted in every track and you can hear symphonic keyboard insets in the background. Don't worry, there aren't too many keyboard insets; the keyboards aren't dominating in the music of this Estonian band. Nocturnal graveyard atmosphere is enforced with werewolf howling (Libahunt) and grave digging (Kolmas Haud Vasakult), not mentioning the only ambient track Ruunide Leidmine. I advice those, who are familiar with band's demos, to listen to the same songs but with new arrangement.

Autor: Scorpio
+ http://www.themetallist.com

Giljotina black/death metal club (Leedu)

Hallutsinatsioon - is first full-length Estonian band, Bestia, album. We received promo version of the album and it still looks good. Nonetheless that promo is put to the paper cover, there were professionally printed bifoliate. For those who didn’t know anything about this band: they are playing 4 years, there were turnover and the bands line-up changed several times, but the head of the band left. Bestia recorded demo in 2001 and promo in 2002/2003. Of course these three records differs from the last product. Regrettably but this group didn’t play in Lithuania. But who knows… And now about their new record:

Hallutsinatsioon first of all means hallucination or illusion. Band plays aggressive music. When you are listening to this album for the first time there is impression that band put songs from various date. But later everything goes to their places. Maybe that is an effect of hallucination?

Album starts from titular song “Hallutsinatsioon". What we hear is guitars, grim vocals, light keyboard in context, drums isn’t very strong. More like melodic black metal. A little bit sounds like other Estonian band Must Missa from their album “Ma ei talu valgust”. Maybe “Hallutsinatsioon" is more melodic. Those who are interested in Estonian underground, if not mistaking, could hear this piece in ESTEMETAL compilation distributed by internet.

Then goes “Viirastus tőusvas tules". The same melodic music, a little bit stronger and there goes mix with death. Sounds more brutal and more angry.

With the roar of wolf begins "Libahunt". Music more and more goes to death. This song sounds very different from "Hallutsinatsioon". There are more death vocals, although it isn’t growling. Of course it isn’t brutal death, but more in that way than to the black.

"Sosin” - one of the best songs of this album. If there were no obsessive bells (?) in the beginning. Album starts with melodic intro. And then Black Metal! It isn’t that we call true, but it’s good. Interesting part composition. Song slows than quickens, but it doesn’t bother. Vocal sounds like Burzum in early records...

"Kord vabana tuleme tagasi" follows after "Sosin". Sounds not bad, good mix of melodic and brutal metal. Skipped a few songs we hear "Kolmas haud vasakult". Interesting intro (someone at the night exhumes grave by spade), if I’m not mistaking this intro is taken from earlier Bestia song. Music something between black metal and trash metal. Interesting conjunction.

There is an ambient song in this album “Ruunide leidmine", it gives more ideas to the album.

"Suremise teine tee" – is next-to-last song in the album. Again we feel strong excess of death metal. Return to other style. This song was in earlier promo.

Why "Asynchronous Laughter" is in this album - is a secret. Following, Vader mini CD “Kingdom” with their remixes was a secret too. And this work (good that it is only 49 seconds length) have nothing in common with metal. It’s short drum’n’bass loop. Let’s say that it didn’t corrupt whole album. Lyrics – its separate talk. Texts of songs various from sophisticated mizantropic contemplation till bit primitive texts about beloved under the ground.

In summary: I don’t know what exactly say – first of all that album would like people who loves melodic black metal and black/death music. Also this Bestia album, despite it’s inequality sounds really good. Not everyday you can hear music of that tendency, which isn’t primitive black metal with the texts about devils cult. Good album. I offer to look for that "Hallutsinatsioon".

Autor: Doom Maker
+ http://www.giljotina.tk

Diabolical Holocaust (Poola)


Nie wiem czy Bestia nie jest najbardziej znanym i najlepszym zespołem z Estonii. Mi się wydaje że tak jest. Płyta „Hallutsinatsioon”, któr± mam przyjemno¶ć teraz słuchać, to pierwszy pełno wymiarowy materiał Bestii wydany w 2004r. Szczerzę się muszę przyznać że z poprzednimi materiałami nie miałem do czynienia i w zwi±zku z tym nie wiem jak wypada „Hallutsinatsioon” w stosunku do nich. Czego można się spodziewać po zespole z Estonii. Tylko black metalu przecież i to nawet z folkowymi naleciało¶ciami. Ale to było by za proste. Kr±żek „Hallutsinatsioon” jest dziwny bo prócz surowego, zimnego black metalu z keyboardem w tle mamy tutaj duże wpływy death metalu. I wła¶nie dzięki tym wpływom ten album jest dla mnie ciekawszy. Nie jest to więc tylko zwykły black metal. W jednym utworze graj± bardzo typowy black metal rodem z zimnych, spowitych lodem krain (czyli jakby nie patrz±c z Estonii ha, ha), a następny z bardzo dużymi wpływami death metal (n awet zmieniaj±c wokal), a jeszcze następny będzie ambientowy. Tak, tak. Nawet taki tutaj mamy. Wspomniałem wyżej że słychać tutaj keyboard. Na szczę¶cie ten instrument nie odgrywa żadnej znacz±cej roli, występuje tylko w nielicznych utworach i na dodatek tylko w tle. Nie ma więc mowy o żadnej kopii Dimmu Borgir. Wszystko to utrzymane raczej w ¶rednich tempach. 11 kawałków daj±cych około 35 minut zróżnicowanej muzyki. Może nie jest to co¶ wyj±tkowego, ale mnie się nawet spodobało. Ale najbardziej spodobał mi się profesjonalizm zespołu. Razem z ładnie wydanym promosem dostałem wszystkie potrzebne informacje co się rzadko zdarza w¶ród polskich zespołów, które także same rozprowadzaj± swój materiał. Co na pewno się chwali, choć powinno to być rzecz± oczywist± i niczym się nie wyróżniaj±c±. Ale tak niestety nie jest.

+ http://www.diabolicalholocaust.republika.pl

Not Quiet Music (Hispaania)


Here is the debut album from this Estonian fine black / death metal, released on cd-r under the title (in english) of "Hallucinations". Here we'll find a band inlfuenced by norwegian and sweden sounds as Thy Grief and Thyrane.
The music is so melodic, but is almost always guided by the keyboards, which by the way are very good on sound as well as on ambients gotten. Generally we can say the music is mid tempo, excepting some parts, in which speed is increased so much, as in the second track, "Viiratus Tousvas Tules". I cannot say that this can be as fast as Marduk or Setherial, but is not as far as many simple imitations out there. And this is because Bestia, year after year and demo after demo, fighted alot, worked even more to develop their sound, their compositions, and the final result of it is this "Hallutsinatsioon" cdr, which is far, the best Bestia ever composed (well, I only could listen to 2001 and 2002 demos, but I think is the best!).
Good sound and production. Good music. Good players. What more do you need?

+ http://www.notquiet.com

Music Extreme (Argentiina)

The last release that I listened from this band from Estonia was their 2002 demo, and I have to say that they have evolved a lot since then, specially soundwise. Their music combines cleverly elements of black metal, death metal and also some thrash metal in some of the rhythms. There are interesting rhythm and riff changes on each of the tracks here. And the keyboards add a different dimension to Bestia´s music.Some parts reminded me to a faster Arch Enemy, specially when the guitars leave more space for the vocals to spit their aggression, but Bestia has its own identity. On this recording they have achieved a good mix that makes their efforts more concrete and their music more in your face and powerful. For my taste Bestia is the band destined to show to the world how metal in Estonia is done: with fury and power.

+ http://www.musicextreme.com

Mordor Magazin (Shveits)


Nach diversen Demo und Promo Scheibe ist jetzt endlich das erste Volle Album der Estländischen Schwarzmetall Gruppe BESTIA erschienen. Die vier Herren liefern rohen Schwarzstahl, der viel nordische Tradition beherbergt, aber auch einige Death Metal Elemente mit sich bringt. Eher modern sind die Keyboards die hier ab und zu zum Einsatz kommen, aber niemals eine Dominante Form einnehmen, sonder nur Punktuell und unterstützend eingesetzt werden. So knüppeln die Jungs immer wieder ordentlich vor sich hin, zeigen sich aber auch viel von der melodischen Seite und bieten auch die eine oder andere Hymne. Neben Songs der Marke Inferno, finden sich auch einige sehr nordisch klingende Mid-Tempo Songs, die für angenehme Abwechslung sorgen. Im weiteren Verlauf, sind sich BESTIA auch nicht zu schade mal etwas unverzerrt zu spielen, auch wenn das eher kurze Impressionen sind. Gesanglich Kreischt man hier in schönster Black Metal Manier und lässt keinerlei Fragen offen. Auch Produktionstechnisch ist man hier im grünen Bereich auch wenn der Sound nicht ganz kristallklar aus den Boxen dröhnt.

Um es kurz und Knapp auszudrücken: „Hallutsinatioon“ ist eine geile Black Metal Scheibe die ich durchaus weiterempfehlen kann.

Fazit: Eine sehr vielseitige Scheibe, die von extrem schnellen Songs bis zu fetten Mid-Tempo Killern alles bietet.

+ http://www.mordor-magazin.de

Vampire Magazine (Holland)

BESTIA was founded in '00 at Tallinn, capital city of Estonia. By now these men have seen changes within line-ups, played numerous gigs, appeared on several compilation albums and released material of their own. The music itself can be described as a mixture of melodic metal styles and with some experimental feeling. It therefore doesn't come as a big surprise that BESTIA' main goal is to put as many different themes into the songs as possible. Lyrical themes also come from every corner, but more recent tracks are strongly influenced by Nordic folklore and mythology. All of them are written and performed in pure Estonian language though. This "Hallutsinatsioon" is the band' first full-length. This CD is scattered throughout the earth some months ago in search for labels/distro's to supervise, manage and/or aid them in their quest.

As said, the music from BESTIA definitely cannot be considered to be put in one certain genre. Foremost are the black, death and thrash metal styles that penetrate "Hallutsinatsioon". Though the keyboard factor is present, the instrument itself doesn't show its face that much nor overdubs the entire sphere. No, the majority of the melody - whether it's injected in the scalar of metal parts - come from clean guitar licks. The only thing that's constant on the album is the chanting, which does remind the listener to what P. Tägtren used to summon on his ABYSS project. When looking at the production, it becomes clear rawness is captured and is quite similar to those harsh underground Estonian bands. Especially the vocals and guitars are nicely recorded. Very melodic black metal is at hand on title-track 'Hallutsinatsioon'. A more Scandinavian death metal approach is on ''Libahunt'. 'Sosin' has a definite charisma of THE MEADS OF ASPHODEL' older work. The track 'Toonela Varjud' resembles to ODIUM' "Sad Realm Of The Stars", but then turns into a thrash frenzy like it's being done on both 'Kolmas Haud Vasakult' and 'Päev Et Möista'. These comparisons are given just for an impression of the wide variation of song structure. The outro of 'Asynchronous Laughter' is ridiculous. Okay, the band claims to put as many different themes into the songs as possible, but they do sound too progressive with this break-beat disco vibe.

Putting whole ranges of metal styles on an album doesn't immediately mean it's that great or something new to listen to and that's exactly what this "Hallutsinatsioon" is all about. It just isn't all that, but the musicians are skilled to deliver better aggressive metal in the future. The sound is divers and at certain times abysmal for its melancholic riffs and leads. To conclude, BESTIA has potential to arise from the Estonian empire. If you're became interested during this review, the CD costs € 8,- / $ 8,- worldwide including postage. By the way, the band needs a drummer.

+ http://www.vampire-magazine.com

Lords of Metal (Holland)


Out of the depths of Estonia comes Bestia with an album called: 'Hallutsinatsioon', which quite unsurprisingly means hallucination. Regardless of their music you can say they have a sense of humour because on the album cover a suspicious looking mushroom is featured. This combined with the title gives food for thought. Based on the artwork I expected some psychedelic black metal with lots of experimental stuff going on. But Bestia offers none of this except for the black metal part. Their music can be described as melodic black metal in the vein of old Dimmu Borgir but they use keyboards somewhat different than Dimmu does. Also very audible at times are the melodic Swedish death metal influences, especially in the slower parts. But the music isn't very fast in general so you hear a lot of them. Which isn't a bad thing really. In the end I would say that it wasn't bad album to listen to but it wasn't really exciting either. It just past my ears without any real surprises.

+ http://www.lordsofmetal.nl

Chaos Vault (Poola)

Taki ju? urok esto?skich zespo?ów, a przynajmniej ich black metalowej cz??ci, ?e graj? do?? typowo, a mimo to chce si? ich s?ucha?. Taka Bestia na przyk?ad! Nie wnosz? do muzyki nic nowego, bo wi?kszo?? riffów ju? gdzie? s?yszeli?my. S?yszeli je fani black, death a nawet thrash metalu... I tutaj le?y pies pogrzebany!
Bestia ??czy do?? interesuj?co wszystkie wspomniane wy?ej style, a przy tym zachowuje spójno?? artystyczn? na tyle, na ile jest to mo?liwe. Na "Hallutsinatsioon" bowiem s? lekkie zwroty i mo?na odnie?? wra?enie, ?e nie s? zdecydowani co do stylu. Generalnie ca?y kr??ek jest utrzymany w klimacie blackowym, co do tego nie mo?e by? ?adnych w?tpliwo?ci, ale raz jeste?my atakowani surowymi zagrywkami, innym razem nawet chwytliw? melodi?, wspart? w tle klawiszami, a jeszcze innym razem s?uchamy niezbyt technicznego, ale deathowego ?ojenia. Juz otwieraj?cy p?yt?, tytu?owy kawa?ek daje nam delikatny znak, ?e mamy przygotowa? si? na ma?y kogel-mogel, w drugim - "Phantom in the Rising Fire" (angielskie t?umaczenie - teksty s? po esto?sku) - dostajemy w pysk bardziej death metalowym mi?sem. Co wi?cej, ten death metal u Bestii jest cholernie chwytliwy, sk?aniaj?cy si? ku staremu szwedzkiemu graniu (na przyk?ad te? w "The Werewolf"). Wspomniane klawisze, zwykle graj? jedn? barw? i tworz? t?o, ale niekiedy wychodz? na pierwszy plan, próbuj?c urzec nas folkow? melodyjk?. Jest to jednak do?? archaicznie zaaran?owane, wol? te intensywniejsze, surowsze kawa?ki z "Hallutsinatsioon". Black metal wed?ug Bestii inspirowany jest raczej Norwegi?, cho? nie mo?na odmówi? im inspiracji Abigorem (co mi akurat absolutnie nie przeszkadza!) i wszystko by?oby OK, gdyby nagle w siódmym kawa?ku nie zdecydowali si? na chwilowe ?ojenie pod ostatni Aura Noir, a pó?niej na niespodziewany przerywnik z gitara akustyczn? i ?wierkaj?cymi ptaszkami. Po ptaszkach, jakby nigdy nic, wracaj? do old-schoolowego riffu i wszystko wraca do normy. W "A Day to Realize" graj? ju? w swoim rdzennym stylu czyli ostro, melodyjnie i ?rednio szybko, ale momentami nieco thrashowo... I tak juz jest do ko?ca p?yty, równie interesuj?cej, co robi?cej wra?enie, ?e zespó? zbytnio kombinuje... I tak to jest z t? Besti?. Niby fajno, ale bez jaj, bez zdecydowania. S?ucha si? przyjemnie, ale równie dobrze mo?na si? wkurwi? nielekko! Mimo to, ja daj? plusa.

+ http://chaosvault.com

Xtreem Music (Hispaania)


Interesting proposal this one from the estonian band BESTIA. A Black Metal which reminds me quite a lot to CATAMENIA due to the soft keys, the melodic guitars and even for the howls but mixed with many Death Metal parts, kind of Old School, finish I would rather say although sometimes it sounds a bit like MORBID ANGEL. From time to time they put on some thrash guitars but in general you can feel a very cold atmosphere. I´ve liked the diversity of the songs, they can easily pass from a blast beat part to very nice guitar melodies. Voice is quite curious, with some registers besides Estonian lyrics, nice to heard to say the truth. They´re not the year´s band but for sure they are not bad at all for being their first album. By the way, they have just re-edited it through Perverted Taste so if you are interested on it, now it must be very easy to find.

+ http://www.xtreemmusic.org