"Angmar Magazine" #3

* Bestia ABC
Bestia was created in march of 2000, at first as side-project. Later it turned to full-time band. We are located in Tallinn, Estonia. Right now we have full line-up and our demo is out!

* Please talk about demo 2001
Well.. it was recorded in a very heavy conditions and with simple equipment.
I had a lot of problems with sound and mixing, but result is quite good for the demo.
At first I gave few copies to people I know. After getting very positive feedback, we decided to send some demos to magazines and labels.. Sound samples and more information can be found on our homepage

* How do you define your style? Would you to describe it to someone who has never heard it?
Musically it's more black metal, with some influences from other styles, but looking from the lyrics side, it's more death metal. Singer uses different styles of vocals.. whispers, screaming, growling.. People have told me that sometimes our music sounds as Darkthrone, Mayhem, Carpathian Forest, Fimbulwinter, Slayer or even Mercyful Fate(?).

* What is the themes of your music.
We mix black metal with death metal, brutality with melodic stuff.

* If you could do a promotional video how would it be ? Which song will you choose?
I think "Igaveseks koos", with lot of graveyard scenes *grin*. Listen to the song, how it begins.. and you'll know why...

* Are there any big labels which are interesting in you?
I don't hope much from big companies, because they don't give a shit about metal bands, who come from Baltic states.. so I sent 99% of promo stuff to underground labels, who responded to my e-mail. And I got some positive answers! Hopefully our demo'll be released soon. But I don't want to talk about it, before this really happened.

* What is Bestia's purpose?
We play music and do things what we like. What else?

* Please talk about your lyrics (Explain your lyrics and the sounds track by track)
"Viirastus tõusvas tules" (Phantom in the rising fire), this song have very obscured lyrics with lot of symbols. It's quite difficult to explain.. darkness.. pain..
"Igaveseks koos" (Forever together), this song is about love after death.. It starts with graveyard scene and few death metal riffs, later there are some faster parts, clean guitars and whispers.
"Läbi halli udu" (Through the grey fog). This is our first song, I made it about 2 or 3 years ago. Simple riffs, depressive & evil lyrics.
"Igaviku laps" (Child of eternity). I personally think, this is our best song on the demo. It's more different, more rhythmic and the final riff is very melodic. Lyrics speak about hate and suicide.
"Esoteric madness" is just a experimental and sick stuff, without any real lyrics.

* How are the lyrics born and are they pure fictional?
Our singer writes them on the moment of depression. Some stuff are written by other people too. Are they fictional? Yes and no..

* How is the Atmosphere of the gigs of Bestia?
Huh.. thats hard question. You should ask someone, who is on the public side. Well.. we try to make our gigs interesting and play different playlist each time.
Our singer uses sword sometimes. Atmosphere depends a lot of from public and our mood too, of course.

* Any Last Comments
Thanx for the interview! Support the undergound!

Answered by Andres
October 2001.