"Mutilated 'Zine" #2 (USA)

1. ANDRES, what have you been up to lately??? how have you been and is BESTIA doing any shows?

At the moment we are preparing new songs for our debut album. It'll be recorded this summer, if everything goes as planned. Possible that we perform some gigs meanwhile.

2. ok, when was BESTIA formed and who were the influences? do you feel BESTIA is now developing into the band you wanted it to?

Bestia was created in february of 2000. Listeners/reviewers have told me that sometimes we sound like Mayhem, old Absu, Darkthrone, Carpathian Forest, Exorial etc.
The new stuff is more melodical and technical. Yes, I feel that we are moving to the right direction..

3. you hail from estonia. how is the metal scene there and do the fans go nuts for their metal?

Metal scene is quite little in Estonia, but it's growing pretty fast! Concerts take place every month and even big ones like Cannibal Corpse, Mayhem, Borknagar etc. already played here.. this is the best gift for our metal fans.
We have bands of different style and quality here and some of them are pretty good actually. But seems like they are little bit lazy and dont promote themselves, because almost every time I send promostuff to foreign magazines I hear answer like this "Whoaaaa, a metal band from Estonia, this is exotic stuff", he-he! Anyway, I think that the situation is better than ever.

4. your 2001 demo/cd contains some pretty decent black metal with an eerie, evil atmosphere! to be honest, i think BESTIA does this well! are you happy with the production on the cd? do you think your style fits in well within the black metal scene?

Demo was recorded in a very difficult conditions and with simple equipment, but we are quite satisfied with the result.. we had a lot of fun during recording and mixing sessions but it was a good experience for us all..
About fitting to the scene: I dont know.. we are trying to create something different from the mass.

5. how have sales been for your demo/cd? where do you sell the most BESTIA cd's?

Most of demos were sold in Estonia of course. Now I'm doing trades with foreign labels and distros. I think that approx. 300 copies are already spread worldwide. Few weeks ago I got message, that one underground label released our demo (500 tapes), so I guess that a lot of people will soon hear it.

6. where did the band name come from?

It was suggested by my friend, just few days before our first gig and it means "the Beast".

7. how often do BESTIA play live? are there good turnouts in your area?

In 2001 we did 11 lives in various places of Estonia. One of the best gigs was when we supported Let Me Dream (FIN) in Koff Metal Club (now it's called Hard Rock Club). This is the best place for metal concerts here.

8. if you could play with any band of your choice for a worldwide tour, who would it be?

He-he.. thats hard question.. maybe Darkthrone or Dissection.

9. well andres thanx a ton for doing this little chat! please leave us with the latest info on the future of BESTIA!

Nothing special at the moment. We hope to record our debut album this summer and possible, that we will appear on some compilations and one tribute album! Fresh news about Bestia are always up on our homepage!
Thank you very much for this interview!

March 2002