Mingi Tai ajakiri

-Hi Bro, How are you doing?

Hello man, everything is fine.

- Please introduce yourself to our reader and tell me about your band history and current line-up.

My name is Andres, i play guitar in Bestia and write most of it's music. Also i'm responsible for promotion, design etc. In the end of 90-ties i played in several underground bands, usually bass or drums, but all of them disbanded, because there were no strong leader. I decided to move on and create something new and powerful, with my own ideas. So i started to develop my guitar skills and looked around for other band members. It was very difficult to find suitable musicians.
In february of 2000 i met our first drummer and one by one other band members appeared. In the beginning of 2001, we were already 5 piece band. In 2001 we played a lot of gigs and released "Demo 2001". In january 2002 our drummer and second guitar player decided to left band, because they werent interested to play extreme metal anymore. After 6 month of searching i found replacement for them. With this lineup we recorded "Promo 2002" with one song. At the moment we are busy with our debut album, drums and some bass tracks are already recorded, soon we will start working on guitar parts.
Current line-up is: Andres - guitar, Rainer - drums, Reivo - bass, Beleth - guitar, Art - keyborads. As you can see, there is no vocalist in lineup. We will use session singer(s) on our debut album.

- How and when did you first get involved in black metal?

Well.. in the beginning of 90-ties i listened mostly death and thrash metal, black metal came to my life in 1995 or something like that.. i discovered a lot of great bands like Darkthrone, Enslaved, Satyricon, Immortal etc.

-What was the response world wide to the “Demo 2001”?

Response was even better than we expected. Most of the complaints were about raw sound and this unusual bonus track, heh. Thanx to all labels, who helped me to distribute it almost worldwide!

-Do the band members have any side project?

I'm trying to concentrate all my powers into Bestia, but sometimes i help my friends, if they have lineup problems. At the moment i dont have any serious side projects. About other guys: Rainer plays in I.F.M (melodic metal) and Havoc Deform (brutal death), Reivo also in Havoc Deform, Beleth is involved into various bands and projects and Art plays guitar in Testicle Vomit (snuff metal) and in death metal band with no name (both his own projects).

-What is your opinion about Black metal scene at the moment?

I wonder why so many crappy bands, what play just standard (melodic) black metal, without any fresh ideas, get signed by big labels.

- Please tell me about your live show , how crazy are there?

Well, lives usually take place in a small underground bars with very little stage and it's quite difficult to do special show there. But anyway, if public supports us, we are very active on stage. Actually we have some crazy ideas and when the right time comes, we will realize them!

-Do you have a plane for European tour?

Not at the moment.

- Is there any chance Bestia will come play in Thailand or do a SE Asian tour any time soon?

Who knows....

-Please tell me about Estonia underground metal scene, and tell me about some of other good band in Estonia.

Well.. some last years were very active in Estonian metal underground, there are quite a lot of gigs and venues who support such activity. There are several bands, who deserve attention. From the black metal side it's worthy to check out bands like Realm of Carnivora, Must Missa, Manatark, Loits, Winter Night Overture, Devotus Regnum, Meinardus.

-What is it like living in Tallinn?
-and please tell me about the history of Estonia for those who never known it.

Comparing to other capitals (Helsinki, Riga, Stockholm) what are around, Tallinn is quite small. It's possible to walk with couple of hours from one side of town to another. There is very nice old town, where you can feel smell of dark medieval times.
Huh.. now you gave me serious topic, well i try to tell you about history of Estonia very shortly. The main point is that Estonia is located between European big countries and Russia and it has been occupied by them almost all the time in last 800 years.
Estonia was independent some time in the beginning of XX century and it is now since beginning of 90-ties, after Soviet Union collapse. Anyway, we still have our culture and language, bloodthirsty Soviet occupation didnt managed to destroy it. Estonian language is related to Finnish and Hungarian, we are not russians like many of people think in other side of world.

- In your opinion what is GOD, and what you think about Christianinty, do you have any problem with them?

Yes i have problems with them, when those assholes come to me on street and invite to their stupid meetings. It happens quite often. Sometimes it's quite funny to chat with them. Guys who are from America, they even dont know that Church of Satan exists in USA. I respect beliefs of our ancestors and give a little support to satanic movement, but actually i dont like any religion.
What i think about christianity? Bible is just a collection of jewish fairy-tales. Historians are already proved that a lot of facts in it are just bullshit, they never happened. But churches need money, so they just continue brainwashing people and spread their lies in schools, newspapers, TV etc. I dont care if someone believes in jesus, but this propaganda really pisses me off.

-what is your plan and Do you have any merchandises for sell, and please tell me price include postage to be send to Thailand?

At the moment is only "Demo 2001" cdr and tape available, and it's price is 4 euros, without plastic box.

-What are your plans for the future?

At first we want to finish recording of our debut album and give to it as good promotion as possible. If we find suitable singer for lives, we will do some promotional gigs or even a little tour, who knows!
Also i think we will print some more t-shirts, with new design at this time.

- What you want to say with the reader?

Best regards to all metalheads, keep the black flame burning!
Fresh information about Bestia is always up on our website http://www.zone.ee/bestia