Burning Paradise fanzine #3 (Mehhiko)

1. When BESTIA formed and what was the changes in the line-up of the band?

Bestia was formed in early 2000. At this time i met our first drummer and we started rehearse together. During 4 years of existence we had a lot of lineup changes (drummer, singer, 2 guitarists), also we tryed a lot of people at rehearsals, but they never were included to official lineup. I think that is pointless go into details about lineup changes. Anyway, thats why we played only few lives in 2002-2003. Current lineup: Tarmo - vocals, Andres (me) - guitar, Reivo - bass, Art - guitar and synth, Rainer - percussion.

2. Why do you choose the name of BESTIA, what is meaning for you?

Band name was suggested to us by friend of mine, just before our first gig. A lot of people have told me that our music is raw and bestial. So i think that is pretty suitable name to our horde.

3. How do you define your style of music what do you say to all the people that doesn.t hear you?

Our music can be described as black-death metal with elements of thrash metal and with some diverse experimental feeling. The main goal of Bestia is to put as many different themes into the songs as possible and at the same time not going too progressive. You will hear both aggressive and melodical parts with tempo varying from slow to chainsaw-speed blasts. In addition, you will notice different kind of vocals. So while listening to our creations, you never know what is coming next. New thing is that we use some keyboards to create atmosphere, but not in all songs.

4. Do you have played in another countries beside Estonia?

Not yet, but we have some plans for autumn 2004.

5. Please tell me how is the metal scene in your country, not only in death or black metal, is there bands of other styles besides that I mention before?

Yes, you can find here bands of various styles as doom, industrial, heavy, thrash etc. Maybe only goregrind style is not presented. As Estonia is quite little country, the total number of active bands arent very big. Main organizer of gigs is Hard Rock Club, last couple of years were very active.

6. How is a concert of BESTIA. How is the reaction of the fans in your concerts?

What i can say - it is brutal. We have our own diehard fanbase at concerts and usually they will not let us go from the stage before playing one or two extra songs. At the last lives we have used some medieval-looking suits.

7. What is your lyrical concept in your music is satanic or something like that?

Our newer texts are strongly inspired by northern folklore and mythology. But they are also about fightings of our ancestors, beast inside human, nature.

8. Wich are you main influences when you are composing your songs?

Everything what surrounds me. Mood, music-noise, winter-summer, books.. whatever.

9. please tell me about your country, tell me about its politicall, economical and cultural aspects and if there exist some kind of represion for the metal fans?

I'll answer at first to last part of question.. i dont think that metal fans have much problems with authorities here. Authorities just dont care. For regular people metalheads are just weird freaks who listen to horrible noise, but i think it is like this everywhere. From history side is important to know that Estonia is located between European big countries and Russia and it has been occupied by them almost all the time in last 800 years. Estonia was independent some time in the beginning of XX century and it is now since beginning of 90-ties, after Soviet Union collapse. Anyway, we still have our culture and language, bloodthirsty Soviet occupation didnt managed to destroy it. Estonian language is related to Finnish and Hungarian, if you wonder how it could sound. Most of people here (about 77%, if i remember correctly) are atheists or dont care about religions, despite to this fact local media tries to show that Estonia is traditional christian country. Fuck them! Since May 2004 is Estonia part of European Union, i'm not very happy about that. But time will tell, was is good step for us or not.

10. Do you know something about my country Mexico, not only in the metal secene in the cultural aspect too?

I've read books about Central and South American history, so i know some basics what happened in your country/area in past. About current situation i dont have much information, distance between us is big and news about Mexico doesnt appear in our media very often. I've been in friendly contacts with some Mexican underground metal labels and magazines.

11. Now back to the musical aspect, tell me all the recordings that you made, in what studios made that recordings it was hard to record your music?

First demo and promo were recorded with quite poor equipment and they have true garage sound, hehehe. Drums for our new release were recorded in professional studio (Guano Studio) and other instruments/voices at my home studio. This time we used much better equipment, also our friends helped us with advice and stuff and i think the result turned out pretty good. Final master was also made by friend of mine. Working at your own studio means no time restrictions, it is good for making experiments and creating some new riffs at the last moment.

12. What are your plans for this year, will you participate in a festival or maybe you will make your debut album?

At the moment we dont have any gigs scheduled to this summer. So i'm concentrating on writing of new songs and promotion of our debut full-length recording. It is called Hallutsinatsioon (Hallucination) and i think it will be available for wider audience in the middle of summer.

13. Do you have another project beside BESTIA, the others members have another project besides BESTIA?

I'm not active in other projects at the moment, all they are left in past. Our second guitarist Art has 2 more projects: Testicle Vomit (snuff metal) and Kamaloka (death metal).

14. This is a hard question when you come to play to America specially in Mexico?

It's really hard question, we'd like to do that but it's really expensive to travel such long distance. But who knows what can happen in future!

15. Andres, besides the music do you have another activitys?

My other activities are also related to metal.. I'm involved into some internet projects (Nightmare Metal Page, Metal map of Europe) and i run very underground label Hexenreich Records. And when there is some spare time i enjoy beer with my friends.

16. O.K brother thank you very much for your time, do you have something to say to the all mexican metal maniacs?

Stay fucking brutal and dont forget to check out our new CD Hallutsinatsioon. Hail!